The What and the Why.

IMG_5316 - Version 2

Calling New York home is like finding solace in a little piece of every corner on the earth. Densely-packed, pressure-cooked, fuzzily-delineated-enclaves drip with culture, sweating their customs and traditions onto the sidewalk. This oil-spill coating of histories and beliefs and cuisines and languages makes it impossible to forget that the experience of human-folk on this earth is spectacularly expansive and impressively diverse.

It’s like a sampler platter- tastes of this- whiffs of that- and the further off the well-beaten, neon-lit, Bloomberg-bleached tourist path you get, the deeper, richer and more memorable the flavors become.

Never one to follow directions or flock with a crowd, I’ve dedicated this small space on the web to my adventures in these outside-spots. I’m sharing my city and discovering others. And I’m a bit nervous. Will my captain’s log turn into a bread-crumb-trail for the hungry masses? Will shining a light on the exceptional and authentically unique pillars help them thrive? Will I ever figure out WordPress? Big questions. Stick around to find out.


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